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The KRWC Vanguard Program was created to equip and empower those who will co-labor with the Lord to expand the Kingdom of God.The program has teachings and practical application.  


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Vanguard Leaders are those leaders who are at the cutting edge of a movement.  They are a forward looking people who understand the signs of the times and what must be done to prepare for what is to come.  They are positioned at the forefront of a new development or ideas; the foremost part of an advancing army.

Our training and empowerment course is designed courses of study and experiential application over 8 weeks, designed to equip you as a Vanguard Leader. 

Program Objectives: 

  • To be sensitive to what the Lord is presently saying

  • To be a Vicegerent in the earth realm

  • To have the ability to manifest God’s will

  • To carry out His mandates 

  • To have the ability to walk it out

Join The Training Program Today!



Classes begin soon and space is limited so register now!


Cost: $100.00 Payable at time of Registration or by installments. Registration accepted at first day of class.

INSTRUCTOR: P. Levi Avery is Elder of Kingdom Reigning Worship Center, a multiracial, nondenominational assembly of believers in Christ Jesus, located in the Capital city of Albany, NY. He is an apostolic father to a growing body of future vanguard leaders. He holds a Bachelor of Theology and Bachelor of Divinity degrees. He flows in the prophetic, is anointed in deliverance, and consecrated to the will of the Father through divine visitation at the tender age of five years. He is sent and ordained as an Evangelist for our day and time, charged with training and teaching the people of God, using the life, teachings, and sufferings of Jesus Christ, endeavoring to repair the breach and restore the paths to dwell in.

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