Patrick Avery is Pastor  of KRWC, a multiracial, nondenominational assembly of believers in Christ Jesus. He is an apostolic father to a growing body of future vanguard leaders. He holds a Bachelor of Theology and Bachelor of Divinity degrees. He flows in the prophetic, is anointed in deliverance, and consecrated to the will of the Father through Divine visitation at the tender age of five years.

He is sent and ordained as an Evangelist for our day and time, charged with training and teaching the people of God, using the life, teachings, and sufferings of Jesus the Christ, endeavoring to repair the breach and restore the paths to dwell in.

Our Team


Board of Directors

President - Patrck Avery

Director - Carolyn Avery Boone

Secretary/Treasurer - Yvonne Wheeler



Kenny Drumgo

Desarea Morris Drumgo

Regina Herrington

Steven Peterson



Patrick Avery

Carolyn very Boone


Worship Team

Rhonda Gardner

Regina Herington

Kenny Drumgo

Steve Peterson

Guy West

Cory Terry



Regina Harrington

Jean Smih



Ministry Leaders

Men's - Kenny Drumgo

Women's - Desarea Morris Drumgo

Youth - Naheem Billups

Prison - Kenny Drumgo

Nursing Home - Patricia Peterson

Bible Study - Patrick L. Avery




Weekly Service Times

Sunday School 11 am

Sunday Worship Service 12 Noon

Wednesday Prayer 6-7 pm Bible Search 7-8 pm

Thursday Prayer & Empowerment Teaching 6-8 pm